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This isn't a complete list of frequently asked questions, but it's a start. Also, some are less frequently asked, but cause me more irritation when they are asked, so I've added them too.

How can I make a new object? Is it easy?
Depending on your definition of "new", this can be either very easy or very hard. I suggest you start by getting a copy of SimPE (or Datgen, if you're interested in trying a less complete but easier to work with tool), then heading over to MTS2 to read through most of the stuff in the tutorials directory. Then, make your first recolour of an object. When you can recolour in your sleep, try remeshing. Once that becomes old hat too, try your hand at other kinds of modding, like bhav modding to give your objects new behaviours. And once you've done that, email me so I can download all your cool new objects! ;) Any time you create something you think is worthy of sharing, post it up on a forum like MTS2. You'll get great feedback, which will make you want to create more, as well as suggestions and criticisms, which will make you want to create better!

Can you teach me how to...?
While it depends a bit on what you want to learn, the odds are, probably not. That's not me being mean, it's just that just about everything I know how to do I learned from tutorials on MTS2. These tutorials are generally written in a much better fashion than I could do, and by people who know a lot more about it than me! If you want to learn, then learn from the experts, they're very helpful and friendly! If (by some bizarre chance) there is something I know how to do that no one has written a good tutorial for yet, then let me know and I'll have a go at it.

What do you use to make new objects?
SimPE mostly, in conjunction with the meshtool. New models are created using a combination of Wings3D (my preferred package, but it doesn't like the meshtool) and Blender (which is okay, but gives me less direct control than I like). For all my texturing, I use Paint Shop Pro 8, which despite what the critics say is a very powerful tool that can do pretty much anything the average user can do in PhotoShop given a bit of practice. All of the above can be downloaded free, (some only in trial versions though,) and have a large range of tutorials available.

I've got this cool idea, will you make it?
Possibly, it depends on how cool I think it is. ;) The bad news for you is that I have a fair few ideas of my own already, so your idea needs to be fairly well thought out in advance. For example, what object would it be based on? What existing animations could be used for it? Which behaviours could I use to base the new behaviours on, and how much would they need to be changed. Creating entirely new objects with new behaviours take a *lot* of time, even if the modifications are simple ones. Plus, I'm a shocking 3D modeller! But if you have a well thought out idea that you think I might be able to do, PM me on MTS2 or email me with the details. :)

Make me this! You have to because I said so! Why haven't you made it yet?!? What's taking so long?!?!1!11! I want it now!
Go away, grow up, ask nicely, then read the question directly above.

What are you working on now?
Not telling! ;) Often I'll get quite far along in an object before I discover a problem that is too hard for me to fix. When that happens I generally just scrap the project, so I find it's best not to announce projects before they're at the beta testing stage. If you're *really* interested, you can PM me and I might tell you, but no promises!

Would you like to collaborate with me?
Quite possibly. As I said earlier, I'm a terrible mesher. I'm also not all that good at texturing. What I can do is some simple BHAV editing and other such trickery to make the objects seem to act like new or interesting objects. If you're talented in meshing or texturing, throw me a line and I'll get back to you. If the only thing you're willing to contribute to a partnership is ideas though, you're better off reading the "I've got this cool idea, will you make it?" FAQ.

Can I be a beta tester?
If you are genuinely interested in beta testing, PM me and you can get first look at things I'm making before anyone else! You'll have to actually test though, that means using it thoroughly in game when I send it to you, not three weeks or so down the track. Also, objects at this level of testing are still fairly risky. They could even potentially crash your game, so this is for actual testers to respond to, not just players. If you do test at that level though, you'll get a note of thanks when I post the object! If you want to test but don't want the risk, then keep an eye out for my threads at MTS2. My objects are posted in the Beta-Testers forum there at least two weeks before being placed online here, so I can get feedback about possible problems. If you manage to find any bugs at this point, you'll still get a thank you in the object post. ;)

Keep in mind that if I'm not working on anything that needs beta testing, I may not be able to send you anything to try out. I'll do my best to keep your name in mind though!

I saw someone in x forum called Echo, was that you?
There's a fair chance it was, but not necessarily. I frequent MTS2 and the SimPE forums (under the name Echo), and to a lesser extent the TSR forums (under the name echo_eternity). Every now and then you might even catch me on the official EA forums, but not that often since the flash menu on that site drives my browser insane. ;) If you're not sure, just PM the user on that site and ask! Just for clarity, I am not Echo66. She is a very talented skinner and lot builder on TSR, whereas my skins really don't deserve mentioning and my lots are designed for the efficient testing of modded items!

What's your favourite TV show?
Okay, so that's not really all that frequently asked, but I want to answer it anyway. I'll watch most things that could loosely be called good Sci-Fi. That includes any Trek except Enterprise, any Stargate, Andromeda, and a host of other bits and pieces. If you don't watch sci-fi, your life is just incomplete. I'm also a fan of the Simpsons, Futurama and Family guy. I'm sick of crime drama/CSI/Law and Order, and I never liked Reality TV.

Your (objectname) is cool! Thanks!
Thank you! You're quite welcome! Not really a question though. ;)

How come your site is so boring?
Cause I don't want to spend any time making it less boring. ;) This site is mostly just a way to archive my items so people can still get them if MTS2 goes down or when the threads get lost in the deep dark recesses of "not-the-first-page". I am quite capable of making a more exciting site, but I find it much more accessible to have a plain, simple site with a plain, simple two-level heirarchy and a minimum of decoration. That way people can come, get the files they want, then go without using up their time, energy or bandwidth. :) If I feel enthusiastic one day I might spruce it up, but don't count on it.

You talk funny/use strange turns of phrase. What's up with that?
I'm an Aussie. Mostly I don't use slang in real life, let alone online, but every now and then people point out that something I said is strictly "strine" and I have to explain myself. That said, the following words are correctly spelt: "colour", "mum", "arse", "grey" and "pyjamas". ;)

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