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Toddler Sandpile


Excellent for the construction of sandpits (use a sandy ground colour and a low fence) or beach fronts (sandy ground colour and water), these sandpits come with a "play" option for toddlers only. The sandpile raises fun and decreases hygene in our not-quite-littlest sims.

The object has modified behaviours, it is not just a remesh. The animations should be reasonably convincing, but we're still having to reuse existing animations in new ways; there are no new animations included in this object.

It is recolourable, and comes with an additional recolour so your sandpits don't end up looking very repetitive. For all you recolourers, different sand patterns can be made using transparent textures.

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Sandpile and recolour
Poly Count
: 268
Location: General > Children

Guidelines for use

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Thanks and credits

Special thanks go to the entire MTS2 community, particularly those involved in the development of SimPE and the Sims Mesh tool.

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