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Toddler Playpen


After more requests for this than I can count, I finally gave in. Here's is a functional playpen for sim-toddlers. That'll keep them out of the toilet!

- As long as your toddler's stats are reasonably high, he or she will sit happily in the playpen, apparently enjoying the general ambience.
- The pen is inescapable. It doesn't matter if your toddler can break out of his crib, he's staying in here.
- While toddlers can sleep in their playpen, they don't like it! They won't sleep unless they're absolutely exhausted, they'll whinge about it first, and even when they're asleep you shouldn't expect it to last long. He or she should wake up again when fatigue gets back to around -20.

Known issues:
There is a slight jump in the animations for putting in and getting out the toddlers. I tried several different in-game animations for this process, and this is the least disruptive one I could find. It's not really a concerning jump, just a tiny little one.

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Poly Count
: 448
Location: General > Children

Playpen Recolours
Requires: echo-playpen.package

Guidelines for use

Available here

Thanks and credits

Special thanks to my two beta-testers, Aenene and Mardilise, who were very helpful in confirming that it would run both with and without the EP, as well as the entire MTS2 community, particularly those involved in the development of SimPE and the Sims Mesh tool.

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