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Real Rugs


These objects have modified behaviours and a new mesh, which allows them to act like rugs. You can put them under other objects. Sims will walk over them. And best of all, you can recolour them! No more jigsaw-style piecing together of floor tiles!

Known issues:

- If very shallow objects (like plates) are placed on the ground covered by the rug, they sink into the rug's "pile". The plate is still there, but you can't get at it unless you move the rug temporarily.
- Sims don't like to "Work Out" on the rug. If you have a rug covering the whole area in front of a tv and set the sim to exercise, s/he will not do it. You can either move the rug, move the tv, or find something else to increase your sim's fitness.

Preview Images


3x4 Floorrug
Poly Count: 12
Decorative > Miscellaneous


Bathroom Rugs (Toilet mat and 1x2 rug)
Poly Count:
124 and 12 respectively
Decorative > Miscellaneous


Poly Count:
Decorative > Miscellaneous


Guidelines for use

Available here

Thanks and credits

windkeeper - For remapping the original rug to make recolouring easier, for identifying both a mistype in one of my versions within minutes and the reflective rug issue, and for creating and sharing such lovely recolours. Wow, that was just plain impressive!
hippi - For making and sharing even more beautiful and creative recolours, making more people want this item.
jinyc - For spotting the faulty rug corner, and also the bug in my view menu alteration
Saikatsu - For suggesting the change to the view menu
karrsareus - for finding the plate and exercise issues. I couldn't fix them, but at least we know they exist now!
Mox - For being the first person to display a correctly recoloured rug
And of course, the entire ModTheSims2 community, which provides us with tools, tutorials, and help when things go belly-up!

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