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Guidelines for Use and Reuse

I'm firmly of the opinion that the Sims community works best when things are shared freely, so I'll let you do just about anything you want with these objects. More specifically:

If you do share items based on these objects, you are not required to provide a link. However, I'd rather you didn't go claiming this as your own work. If you do want to provide a link, then either this site ( or the related MTS2 thread would be fine.

You might want to read this first though, to save you some trouble:

Using in lots
If it makes sense to use my objects in a lot (ie - you're sharing a farm or a house with developed garden and you want to include crops,) then you may include these objects in a distributed lot with credit. I would prefer that lots created with the express purpose of mass distributing downloaded objects not include these. The former celebrates a creator's work, while the latter celebrates the redistributor. If you're not sure which category your lot falls into, then ask me directly - I'll most likely give permission .